Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6.2 of the most boring miles around.

Yesterday, in preparation for Sunday's 7.5 mile Charles River Run with Katherine, I ran 10K or 6.2 miles. (iPod man is very helpful with the keeping track). But because the forecast was for thunderstorms and the shirt I'd brought to run in was white and no one I'd meet along the river needs that much information about me straight off, I decided to run on the track at work.

Which is fine. Good even. Except that I spent an hour making left turns and trying to entertain myself with watching some MBAs play basketball (badly) and finding songs on my iPod that I wasn't completely sick of yet. (On a related note: I really need new music).

Turns out the basketball players weren't terribly interesting and the only music that I didn't crankily skip past came from movies from my childhood. You know, "Danger Zone" from Top Gun, "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky and "Holding Out For a Hero" and "Footloose" from, er, Footloose. They all have good beats so they make good running songs. But sometimes, like yesterday, you just want some angry music. Some foot pounding music that makes you go faster and gives you more energy because you have some aggression to get out.

Maybe I didn't need it. I set my best time yet for a 10K so perhaps I had all the mental fuel I needed. But sometimes angry music is good. I must make a note to raid iTunes.