Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The journey of a thousand miles, etc. etc.

So Amy and I have this friend, Katherine. She runs a lot. One day she up and decided to run a marathon. (Not technically since she trained for it ahead of time and all that). But it did seem like all of a sudden, she was a runner. We thought she was crazy.

"Who would voluntarily do that?" I wondered.

"I would run if and only if there was a tiger chasing me," Amy said.

Fast foward to approximately six months later and I am training for a half-marathon in November while Amy and I run several 5 and 10Ks to raise money for various causes. Because we've started smoking crack, apparently.

Last month, we ran our first official 5K, the 11th Annual Runner's Alley/Redhook Brewery 5K in Portsmouth, NH to benefit the Krempels Brain Injury Foundation.

We were joined by Greta, Colleen, Colleen's Dad (an experienced runner) and my parents who walked the course. We were supposed to be joined by my brother Kevin as well but he spent the night previous partying with Kanye West at Foxwoods so he, uh, didn't quite make it in time.

I posted my best time yet at 30:12 and all of us finished, which was, actually, the goal.

"Katherine infected our brains with crack," Amy said.

"We need to make Katherine's Crackheads Running Team shirts," I answered.

Anyway, we run now. Apparently. We're runners. We're also both writers. So we're going to write about the running in this space. Possibly only for each other or for the poor souls who mistakenly find this site while searching for something else entirely. Apologies to those people.

That said, check in here. Insanity is sure to abound.

Oh, and Capewind = Amy and Akimbo = me (Kristen) for no reason other than one day we decided we needed superhero names and that's what we came up with. So we're going with it. Also? It makes us feel fast.